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Diamond Tetra - Moenkhausia Pittieri

Diamond Tetra - Moenkhausia Pittieri

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General Background 

Diamond Tetras are a larger tetra species that is well known for its sparkly and reflective scales. While these silver fish may seem 'boring', their scales provide a TON of colorful reflections that light up every tank. Like most other tetras, Diamond Tetras like to be in groups of about 6 so they can school together. Diamond Tetras will grow to be about 2.5" in length and have been known to live up to six year under ideal conditions. 


Obviously Diamond Tetras are most comfortable with other Diamond Tetras in a school but they are also deal tankmates for other tetra species such as Neon Tetras or GloTetras. Other small and docile fish can be paired with Diamond Tetras successfully as well such as Guppies, Mollies, Corydoras, and some dwarf Gouramis. 


Diamond Tetras are omnivores. Typically a tropical fish flake is adequate for all other their nutritional needs. They can be treated to baby brine shrimp or small bloodworms occasionally. 


How many Diamond Tetras should be kept together? Ideally, Diamond Tetras should be kept in schools of 6. This does depend on the size of your aquarium, number of other fish, and amount of filtration. 

What are good tankmates for Diamond Tetras? Other tetras are excellent tankmates for Diamond Tetras but they can also be kept with other small and docile fish like Guppies, Platies, and Corydoras. 


Scientific name: Moenkhausia pittieri

Origin: South America 

Size at maturity: 2"

Breeding: egg layers 

Diet: Omnivore 

Temperament: Docile, schooling

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