Our Story.

Welcome to Top Fin Aquatics!

Here at Top Fin Aquatics, we are more than just a fish store; we are a family-run business with a shared passion for the aquatic hobby. Our journey began with Nigel's childhood fascination with the family fish tank, which has since blossomed into a lifelong love for all things aquatic.

Our Story

Nigel's early fascination with fishkeeping started with a single family tank, but his dedication and passion have turned that simple hobby into a thriving venture. Over the years, what began as a small personal collection has expanded into multiple tanks ranging from 20 liters to 800 liters, filling an entire fishroom. Today, Top Fin Aquatics stands as a testament to Nigel's love for the hobby and his desire to share it with both existing enthusiasts and future hobbyists alike.

Join Our Journey

At Top Fin Aquatics, we believe that the joy of fishkeeping is something to be shared. Our family is dedicated to helping you discover the beauty and tranquility of the aquatic world, whether you are a seasoned aquarist or just starting out. We offer a wide range of fish, plants, and supplies to meet all your aquarium needs, along with expert advice to ensure your tank thrives.

From our family to yours, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Come and check us out, explore our fishroom, and let us help you create your own underwater paradise.

Welcome to Top Fin Aquatics—where passion meets expertise!