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Stargrass (Heteranthera Zosterfolia)

Stargrass (Heteranthera Zosterfolia)

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Heteranthera Zosterifolia

Heteranthera zosterifolia, native to South America, is a stunning aquarium plant known for its dense, bushy growth. It branches well, creating thick clusters in a short amount of time. Under strong lighting, it grows rapidly and requires frequent trimming to ensure the lower leaves get enough light. The plant often develops water roots along its stems, and when its shoots reach the water surface, they can produce small blue flowers above the waterline.

This beautiful stem plant has bright green, lance-shaped leaves. In its native Brazil, it typically thrives in stagnant waters and swampy areas.

In the aquarium hobby, Heteranthera zosterifolia has been a popular choice for many years. It is often used in Dutch-style and nature aquariums as a decorative plant, providing contrast in the foreground, midground, and background by simply cutting it to the desired height.

Note: Plants may arrive looking slightly different from the pictures as some are grown emersed. Rest assured, after a short time in the aquarium, the plant will adapt to its underwater form.

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