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Green Scarlet Leaf - Hemigraphis colorata

Green Scarlet Leaf - Hemigraphis colorata

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Green Scarlet Leaf – Hemigraphis colorata

What We Appreciate About This Plant:

  • Vibrant Purple Leaves and Stems: Provides a stunning color accent.
  • Great for Terrariums and Paludariums: Perfect for various setups.
  • High Lighting Requirements: Flourishes under strong light.
  • Can Flower Above Water: Blooms out of water.

Care Instructions:

  • Temperature Range: 68° – 80° F (18° – 29° C)
  • pH Range: 6.0 – 8.0
  • Lighting Needs: Low to High
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Aquarium Placement: Mid to Background
  • Care Level: Moderate
  • Maximum Height: 12 - 25 cm

Note: This plant is more suitable for terrariums and paludariums and will only survive submerged for a few months.

Approximate Portion Size:

  • 3-5 stems per bunch

Actual product may vary from the images shown on the website.

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