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Electric Balloon Blue Rams

Electric Balloon Blue Rams

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Balloon Blue Ram

Selective breeding can sometimes lead to delightful surprises, and that's exactly how the Balloon Electric Blue Ram came to be. The Electric Blue Ram was already unique due to its genetic differences from the common Blue Ram. Adding a balloon-like body shape takes this fish even further. This compact, rounded body shape is often referred to as the “short body” or “balloon” gene.

While some aquarium breeding purists criticize these short-body fish, believing they are destined for poor health, with the right care, they can thrive and be a joy to keep. Rams are popular for their vibrant colors, engaging personalities, and the slight challenge they present to keep. The Balloon Blue Ram, like the Electric Blue Ram, requires extra care due to its sensitive nature and high-temperature needs. Their compact bodies are prone to digestive issues, so feeding them easily digestible food in minimal quantities is crucial.

These fish develop a stunning powder blue color that is rare in the aquarium hobby. They also have a dark green nape and striking blood-red eye rings, which create a beautiful contrast against their blue bodies. Their large fins catch the light and add to their visual appeal. With their bold personalities and vibrant colors, Balloon Electric Blue Rams quickly win over many aquarists. Their care is often likened to that of the prized discus, which is why they are often kept together. Balloon Electric Blue Rams are peaceful community fish, reaching a maximum size of 7 cm, and they breed easily in captivity. Identifying males and females can be challenging, so it's common to get a group of 4-6 and let them pair off naturally.

Tank Recommendations

As dwarf cichlids, Balloon Electric Blue Rams can be kept in smaller aquariums, with a minimum size of around 60 liters. However, a larger tank with decent floor space is better to prevent territorial behavior. A substrate of sand or small grain gravel is ideal, as these fish sift through it for food. Keeping them with their own kind helps them feel comfortable and more active, which can also reduce aggression towards other fish. They thrive in soft water with a low pH, making them suitable for planted aquariums.

Suitable Tank Buddies

Usually Compatible:

  • Discus
  • Angelfish
  • Cardinal tetras
  • Corydoras
  • Other balloon ram strains

Sometimes Compatible:

  • Larger, peaceful South American cichlids like Uaru and Severums, though they may outcompete the rams for food.

Rarely Compatible:

  • Large, aggressive species such as Oscars, which may prey on the Balloon Blue Rams.


Feeding Balloon Electric Blue Rams requires special care due to their susceptibility to bloat and blockages. They will eat a variety of pellets, flakes, and frozen foods, but it’s best to offer micro foods like crushed pellets or flakes and easily digestible food.

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