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Celebes Rainbowfish (Marosatherina ladigesi)

Celebes Rainbowfish (Marosatherina ladigesi)

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Celebes Rainbowfish (Marosatherina ladigesi)

The Celebes Rainbowfish is an exquisite, hardy, and active schooling fish that adds endless activity and beauty to nano or planted aquariums. This elegant fish is a perfect addition for aquarists looking to enhance their tanks.


The Celebes Rainbowfish, native to the streams of Sulawesi, Indonesia, thrives in large schools in densely vegetated areas, making it an ideal candidate for planted aquariums. Males exhibit iridescent yellow and blue coloration on their bodies and fins, especially when competing with other males. As they mature, their second dorsal and anal fins extend into a fan-like shape. Females are typically smaller and less colorful but remain very attractive.


Celebes Rainbowfish thrive in aquariums with plenty of plants and floating cover. They are peaceful with similarly sized fish and can coexist with peaceful invertebrates that are too large to be considered prey. While they may prey on dwarf shrimp as adults, their mouths are not particularly large. Their most intense colors are displayed when kept in schools of six or more, including multiple males. A heavily planted, spacious aquarium helps prevent dominant males from harassing subdominant ones. Contrary to some reports, this fish is fully freshwater and does not require brackish water, although it can survive in lightly brackish conditions.


Celebes Rainbowfish are not picky eaters. They readily accept high-quality flake foods but should also be fed small frozen or live meaty foods for optimal health and coloration. Being timid, they can be out-competed for food by more aggressive eaters, so ensure they receive their share.


  • Active, schooling community fish that thrives in planted aquariums
  • Compatible with most invertebrates too large to be considered prey
  • Adults (especially males) display colorful, ornate fins
  • Among the smallest of the Rainbowfish family
  • Very hardy and adaptable

Recommended Tank Parameters:

  • Temperature: 72° - 82° F (22° - 28° C)
  • pH: 7.0 – 8.0 (Should not be kept in acidic conditions)
  • KH: 10 - 25 dKH
  • Minimum tank size: 30 gallons

Care Guidelines:

  • Diet: Omnivorous. High-quality dry foods are accepted but should be supplemented often with small, meaty frozen and live foods.
  • Social behavior: Schooling/shoaling, should be kept in large groups (minimum of 6-8 fish). Peaceful with most comparably sized fish but can be timid and outcompeted for food. Usually compatible with invertebrates too large to be considered prey.
  • Origin: Tank-bred, native to rivers and estuaries of Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Average adult size: 3 – 3.2 inches (7.6 - 8 cm)
  • Average purchase size: 0.5 - 1 inch (1.2 - 2.5 cm)

Product photo is for reference only. Exact fish may vary in size and color.

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