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Blue Hygrophila - Hygrophila corymbosa

Blue Hygrophila - Hygrophila corymbosa

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Hygrophila Corymbosa: A Beginner's Delight

Hygrophila corymbosa, originating from Asia, is an ideal plant for novice aquarists due to its undemanding nature. In an aquarium, it quickly spreads and displays bright green, long, and wide leaves.

Growth Characteristics:

  • Rapid Growth: This plant grows quickly and requires frequent pruning.
  • Bushy Appearance: Pruning encourages new shoots to sprout from the stem, giving the plant a bushier look.
  • Easy Propagation: Cuttings can be replanted in the substrate where they will quickly develop new roots.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Preparation: Start with a bundle of stems or young plants held together by an anchor.
  2. Separation: Remove the anchor and separate the bundle into individual plants.
  3. Trimming: For each stem, remove the leaves from the lowest 5 cm (2") and any damaged leaves.
  4. Planting: Plant each stem individually, spacing them out in the substrate. Roots will form soon, and the plant will begin to grow.

Enjoy the lush, green foliage of Hygrophila corymbosa as it enhances the beauty of your aquarium!

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