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Beetroot Rubra (Alternanthera Sessillis)

Beetroot Rubra (Alternanthera Sessillis)

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This plant brings striking contrast to your terrarium with its deep red leaves. Best planted in groups, Sessilis features lance-shaped leaves and a robust growth rate. Like all Alternanthera species, it requires strong lighting to maintain its vibrant color and benefits from an iron-rich fertilizer.

Average Height: 25-40 cm

Temperature Range: 20-28°C

Light Requirements: Bright Light

Geographic Origin: South America

Ease of Care: Average

Note: Plants may arrive looking slightly different from the picture, as some are grown emersed. After a short time in the aquarium, the plant will convert to its underwater form, showcasing its true beauty.

Enhance your terrarium with this vibrant, easy-to-care-for plant, and enjoy its stunning deep red coloration!

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