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Assorted Elephant Ear Lyretail Balloon Molly

Assorted Elephant Ear Lyretail Balloon Molly

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Balloon Mollies are a type of Poecilia latipinna, known for their peaceful nature and preference for hard water. They can adjust to different salt levels in the aquarium and, with careful acclimation, can live in either freshwater or saltwater tanks. In freshwater setups, it's best to add at least one teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon for their optimal health.

A minimum 30-gallon tank is recommended for Mollies, providing enough space and algae for them to swim freely. Male Mollies need adequate space for their tall dorsal fin to develop properly. They should only be kept with other peaceful fish that also prefer hard water with higher salt levels.

Males and females can be distinguished by their fins: males have a pointed anal fin and a larger dorsal fin, while females have a rounded anal fin and a pregnancy spot. Mollies are livebearers, so a 25-gallon or larger breeding tank with a spawning box is necessary for breeding. The tank should be densely planted or have thick algae mats, and floating plants can encourage breeding outside the breeding tank. Females give birth to 10-60 young every 60-70 days, each about half an inch long.


  • Care Level: Moderate
  • Temperament: Peaceful
  • Color Form: Assorted
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Max Size: 10 cm
  • Family: Poeciliidae
  • Tank Size: 100 liters
  • Temperature: 23-30°C
  • pH: 7.5-8.5
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