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Alternanthera bettzickiana - Water Rose

Alternanthera bettzickiana - Water Rose

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Alternanthera Bettzickiana 'Red', also known as the Calico Plant, is a versatile plant often used in terrariums, vivariums, and bog gardens. While it's not a true aquatic plant, it's sometimes used for aquarium decoration. It features light pink to red stems and green to yellow leaves, which can turn an intense red under strong lighting.

In optimal conditions, this plant can be submerged for several months. However, it needs to be grown emerged for a few months afterward to restore its energy and prepare for another period of underwater life.

Due to its ability to survive underwater for extended periods, many hobbyists use this plant as an alternative to true aquatic plants. It can grow a few inches taller and develop roots in an aquarium, outlasting some true aquatic species. When grown above water, it thrives in a consistently high humidity environment with wet soil, especially during the recovery stage or when transitioning from underwater to above water.

Care Guidelines:

  • Temperature: 68° – 80° F (20° – 27° C)
  • pH: 6.0 – 7.5
  • Lighting: Moderate to High
  • Origin: South America
  • Placement: Mid to Background
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Max Size: 12-25 cm (4.7-9.8 inches)

Note: Plants may arrive looking slightly different from the photos as they are grown emersed (out of water). Rest assured, after a short time in the aquarium, they will convert and begin to flourish.

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